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South Sudan Master Peace International

Academy of Peace Building and Reconciliation

After decades of catastrophic conflict, the people of South Sudan thirst for peace. A sense of community, compassion, character, courage, and conflict resolution are the defining characteristics of the people and the communities of South Sudan. These characteristics have enabled the people of South Sudan to remain resilient and hopeful, and to courageously protect their children throughout decades of civil war and genocide. The South Sudan Master Peace International was founded to rebuild and expand the characteristics that have provided resilience to the communities of South Sudan and to add an essential 5th characteristic--- peace building.

The first tier of The South Sudan Master Peace International is the Peace Maker program. The Peace Maker program will provide education in conflict styles, conflict coaching and problem solving strategies such as mediation, conflict resolution, and dialogue strategies. The second tier initiatives will introduce peace building by exploring economic and environmental sustainability projects and by celebrating community peace building projects through the arts, cultural activities, and the South Sudan Story Project. The third tier of the Academy is the Peace Ambassadors program, which will provide opportunities for community members to share their stories, their successes, and their peace building skills with regional and global communities through presentations, film, and the South Sudan Story Project.

 Program objectives: 

The mission of South Sudan Master Peace International is to promote positive social change for individuals, communities, and tribes, thereby reducing tribal violence and restoring a sense of community and a sense of compassion. These goals are achieved by providing a conflict resolution education program and by promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, so the next generation of South Sudanese will live in a more stable and constructive peaceful environment.

Pending trip to South Sudan

 In December 2011, we launched a peace education program in Pongborong Primary School, Dong Primary School, and Wangulei Primary School in Twic East County, Jonglei state. Four volunteer teachers were recruited to teach the manual curriculum written by Drs. Robin and Warren Heydenberk -based on their decades of conflict resolution and community building research and program development in diverse settings. The curriculum covers the basic strategies for students to learn, reflect and practice the steps of peaceful reconciliation and conflict resolution. The peace education curriculum empowers students to organize a democratic environment, and resolve community conflicts with respect and understanding. The mission for the trip would to achieve the following list:

1.   Assessment of the program in three schools (Pongborong, Dong & Wangulei) 

2.   Conduct program workshop with MPI teachers 

3.   Land registration (where peace center will be constructed) 

4.   Meet youth leaders and communities leaders to share peace updates 

5.   Film the class progress and students feelings with the curriculum 

We need Your Help 

Help us to accomplish our mission to South Sudan. We are 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization under the law of Common Wealth of Pennsylvania. All donations are tax deductible. If you can, please pay to the order of Master Peace International (with MPI-South Sudan noted on the lower left corner of the check) and we will send to you our tax-exempt receipt before the end of the year. Please use the following mailing address if rather chose to send your donation, Master Peace Inc. P . O . Box 385, Richlandtown PA, 18955

~Many Thanks, Master Peace International team~

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